Before you record a video…

…Send an email…

…Write a blog post…

You need to ask yourself ONE question:

What do I want my audience to think, do or know as a result of consuming this information?

As a result of reading this email, what do I want my audience to do?

As a result of watching this Facebook live, what do I want my viewers to do?

There should be one primary action or piece of knowledge that you want to pass on.

So many people sit down to write and they’re so consumed with, “Okay, how I’m going to get them to open this email… and how I’m going to catch their attention… and how am I going to make sure they click here and do this or that…?”

They’re looking for tricks and little ninja hacks to get people into the email, to suck them in and be entertaining.

Then, as a result, they completely lose the clarity of the email.

They get so wrapped up in the hoopla that they don’t get their message across! The reader ends up lost, confused, or asking, “So what?”

Before I produce anything, whether it’s for a client or for myself, I ask, “What is it that I want to convey to them? What is the message I want them to take away? What is the action I want them to take?”

If you let that be your guiding principle for everything you do, it’s going to do a couple of things:

First and foremost, it’s going to ensure that you have a clear call to action. You should not be communicating with your audience just to say hi, like “Hey, what’s going on?”

That’s wasting people’s time.

You need to have a reason to be connecting with them, and that reason is the primary message you want to convey to them and the primary action you want them to take.

Start with that action in mind and then move on from there.

Maybe again it’s to click on a link so they can subscribe to your email list (which is what I want you to do after you get through reading this post! Go right here and put in your email so I can communicate with you more directly).

Maybe it’s to go to a sales page.

Maybe it’s to know that the time of a class has changed.

Maybe it’s to know that there are options for them to work with you beyond the ones they’re already using.

There are a million things you might want to convey, and that you COULD convey, but you need to have one primary one and stick to it like glue. Make that your front and center and have it in mind before you sit down to produce any content.

When you do that, the reader or viewer or audience member knows the next step to take. 

Don’t get so tied up in the wrapping that you lose sight of what’s inside the box that they’re going to unwrap. Keep the main thing, the main thing — and then work outward from there.

Once you have the main idea down, you can look at the rest of your communication. You can look at your subject line and see how you’re going to incite curiosity. You can look at your opening and say, “Okay, what’s the question I want to ask them to draw them in? What’s an image I can use for this ad or blog post? What’s a compelling opening?”

All that other stuff has its place, but it comes from that core of the message you want to pass on, the core of that action you want them to take, the core of the knowledge you want to impart to them.

Start with that.

Forget about the tricks. Forget about the ninja hacks. Forget about influence and persuasion. Just share your message clearly and you’re going to be 80% of the way there and head and shoulders over 80% of the audience.

Remember: Simplicity Sells!

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