You can’t get people to buy if they don’t read your offer.

You can’t get people to read your offer if they don’t open your emails.

So… if you’re a marketer, you’ve got to have great subject lines or your audience won’t open up.

I have 10 tips for making your emails much more clickable and it’s all about your email subject line.

1. Remember you’re entering a day in progress. As I go through my inbox, I see emails from my dad sending me a photo, my kid’s school, client work updates, and marketing emails. Everyone’s email is like that. You can’t assume that your audience is waiting for an email from you. You are disrupting them in what you want to be a good way.

2. Focus on your recipient. How do you disrupt your audience’s schedule in a good way? Make your emails about them. You have to focus on the recipient. What’s in it for them? It’s not about what you want to say. Think about the value you’re providing for them. Are you educating, entertaining, or informing them?

3. Incite curiosity, not confusion. There is a difference between inciting curiosity and being confusing. Inciting curiosity means hinting at some sort of value whether it’s letting them in on the latest gossip or sharing information. Email subjects like, “The #1 Tip to …” are better than subject lines that consist of random words that don’t make sense coming out of nowhere. If you aren’t careful, your email can end up looking like spam, so focus on creating curiosity.

4. Don’t rely on tricks. You can trick people only once. If you’re in the marketing or business space, you might have seen emails that say “I’ve Got Money For You” or “I Tried to Send Money to Your Account”. Then you open it and see that it’s spam. You can trick people into opening your email once, but once you’ve done that you’ve blown your credibility. Let’s not rely on tricks, let’s rely on old-fashioned value. Be upfront and have a lot of integrity when you’re communicating.

5. Always provide value. If you have a compelling offer and you convey that in a clear manner focused on your reader, people are going to want to open your email. Don’t focus on tricks, hacks, and persuasion techniques. Just provide value and focus so much on that.

6. Respect your reader. Don’t play tricks on them, don’t talk down to them, just straight up talk value and people will like it. It’s a conversation. You don’t want to be the one who’s always selling. You don’t want to be the person who is constantly talking in a conversation and stops anyone from getting a word in and you don’t want to do that with email either. Make sure to respect your reader.

7. Don’t write to a mass. Don’t treat every recipient of your email equally. Because they all joined at different times, they might have no idea what you’re talking about when you mention an event from one month ago. You aren’t talking to a mass of people, you’re talking to individuals. Your audience joined at different times for different reasons and they’re all coming from different places, so treat them as individuals.

8. Opt for clarity over cleverness. I love cleverness and wordplay, but if it just confuses people, it’s not worth it. I’d much rather see a direct email offering 50% off or a new schedule than some tricky thing that doesn’t make sense. Be careful when you’re trying to get your audience’s attention so that you don’t lose them with cleverness.

9. Don’t assume anything. Don’t assume your email list opened your last email, knows who you are, or purchased your product. I get emails all the time that I don’t remember signing up for. It can look like spam, especially if you’re treating your email list like they should know who you are. Assume nothing and educate them.

10. Catch Attention Authentically. Don’t go out of your way with 47 emojis or crazy language in your subject line. Just be authentic. Your audience wants to engage with people who are real, so be yourself in a clear and compelling way.

P.S. Get this list in a handy PDF format here!


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