One of my favorite movies of all time is Groundhog Day with Bill Murray.

In this family-friendly comedy, Murray plays Phil, a narcissistic and abrasive second-rate TV weatherman. To his horror, he’s assigned to cover the Groundhog Day festivities in Punxsatawney, PA. And he’s even more horrified when he finds himself repeating the same day — Feb. 2 — over and over. It’s his own personal version of Hell.

It isn’t until he learns his personal life lessons that he’s able to escape the repetition and move on to Feb. 3.

Our lives can be like that, too! We find ourselves embroiled in the same arguments with our spouses…

…the same sticky situations…

…the same health issues…

…UNTIL we own up, look at what we’re doing (and what we’re NOT), embrace the lessons, and correct our course. THEN we can move on!

At this time of year, many people are looking ahead to 2019.

Setting goals, resolutions, plans…

But they’re ignoring the biggest tool in their toolbox: A review of the previous year.

It is incredibly valuable to take time to sit and reflect on the past 12 months. As a forward-thinker, I can too quickly move into planning for the next year rather than looking at what went right (and not so right) in the preceding time period.

But moving forward without moving back can mean I repeat the same mistakes instead of learning the lessons needed to move on — just like Phil!

So in order to make 2019 as successful and productive as possible, here’s my recap of 2018 (and if you want to do your own recap, I’ve got a one-page Year in Review worksheet you can download here).


  • Started working out at Orangetheory at the end of January and completed about 200 classes this year. I lost about 10 lbs. in the process as well!
  • Had my most financially successful year to date.
  • Deepened relationships with some great friends.
  • John and I started attending a small group through church together.
  • Ran a half-marathon in Dec.
  • Pushed myself outside my comfort zone in several key ways.
  • Started writing a new book.
  • Ran my fastest mile time in about 20 years.
  • Continued to donate 10 percent of each new client’s project fee to Kiva.
  • Did some great work for my clients, including Ryan Levesque, NSI Stem Cell, and James Swanwick.


I feel more peaceful, deeper in my faith, and more committed to my health. I also am more relaxed and optimistic, and I worry less (this has been a continuing journey). I also feel more confident. I’m also more comfortable about moving forward without an absolutely clear plan, trusting that the path will reveal itself.

WHAT ARE MY FAVORITE DISCOVERIES? (Products, books, movies, etc.)

  • Bombas socks — love them! (Use that link to save 25 percent off your first order.)
  • Orangetheory. I’m now a regular!
  • The Greatest Showman.
  • Mississippi Pot Roast. If you haven’t tried this recipe, make it TONIGHT!
  • Extreme Ownership. A life-changing book.
  • Working with Tony Bonnici on my “CEO mindset.” (If you need a business coach/mentor, I can gift you a session with Tony — it will ROCK YOUR WORLD. Just email me and I’ll get you set up!)
  • The 5 Second Rule. I am so mad I didn’t write this book. Reading it was the next best thing!


So much! Tony and I have been doing some deep (and painful) work on mindset. It is NOT easy at all — and it is transformative. I must show up as the person I want to be. I’ve heard that advice 100 kajillion times — but I never OWNED it. I’m in the process of truly owning that and understanding what it means.

I also worked a lot on figuring out what the next step is for me. As much as I love copywriting, I’ve never felt it was my life’s mission — instead, my mission is related to helping others move beyond the limits fear has placed on them. I am an encourager, and I want to use that gift more purposefully in the coming years.

I also learned that there are about 450g in a pound. This is important to me for reasons yet to be shared. 🙂


Some more of the fear that I’ve carried with me my whole life. I will always feel fear — it means I’m growing! But my comfort zone is expanding, and my ability to deal with risk and uncertainty is growing as well.

I’ve also let go of some expectations that are very heavy.


A new sense of purpose. Some incredible friends. The goal to do “less, better.” Some amazing clients.

What about you? I’d love to know your answers. Download your worksheet:

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